Salon de Provence

A strategic location in the heart of Provence, a small city, blessed with exceptional sunshine, that you will love!

MONTE ALTA - Chambres d'hôtes Salon de Provence - Nostradamus


This emblematic character of Salon de Provence became famous thanks to his prophecies. You can visit the museum dedicated to him in the city’s historical center.
MONTE ALTA - Chambres d'hôtes Salon de Provence - La patrouille de France


70 years ago, the Patrouille de France established its quarters in Salon de Provence and today gives us a preview of their extraordinary show. You can watch them from Monte Alta since we have a breathtaking city view.
MONTE ALTA - Chambres d'hôtes Salon de Provence - Le savon de Marseille

The soap

Salon de Provence is the birthplace of Marseille soap and has been made here since 1752. There are still two traditional soap factories that produce the original Marseille soap: Marius Fabre and Rampal Latour, that you can visit.
MONTE ALTA - Maison d'hôtes Salon de Provence - Le château de L'empéri

The Empéri

One of the most beautiful medieval fortresses of Provence. The castle of l’Empéri overlooks the city, perched upon its rock. Moreover, the castle can be seen from Monte Alta. It has a museum dedicated to French weapons with a rare and well-stocked Napoleonic collection.